no matter what


I step left. You can’t see me. I step right. No more fear. It’s just a game. So, I shrug. I’ll get my way. I’ll get my in. It’s a dance to me. I’m watching you. I find what I need. I feed you. I feed back. I get what I need. 

You could move how you want. You can call me cocky and you can call my bluff. It’s all fine. You can be tricky. You can be graceful. You can guide me. You can be nice. You can hold back. You can let it all go to your head. It all doesn’t matter. Doesn’t make a difference to me. 

I’m still here.

I’m still here.

I’m still here.

I still hear you. I still hear through the noise and call it music. I still see within the corners. I can still grasp the depths and hold it in my hand. Or I can let it go and watch it float away. Huh, look at that…

I can see sparkle and shimmer, but don’t mistake me. Don’t mistake what I’m capable of. I’d put a cover of darkness like a blanket down on the night and smooth it through so all that could be felt was relief.

I take what I’m given and make it work. I add wonder where there is none. I see what was hidden and take out the very best and lift it up. 

Because when I cut, I do so to distill not to dissect. I don’t need anything to do this. I can latch on to something people didn’t know they had. I can bring it to the surface. 

Because I can.

Because I can.

Because I can.

Your thoughts?

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