house in the woods


Woke up at dawn and first thing she noticed was the light was out. 

She didn’t know if someone had done it or if it happened on its own. She didn’t see any other signs that someone had been around. But she felt groggy and it was taking a while to get used to being in a new place. She wasn’t used to being here. She felt awkward, like should she just leave? Or maybe she could stay here if this place was truly abandoned.

She made the bed. She tried to put anything that was out of place back how she found it -as best as she could remember. The place was small so there wasn’t much to do. When she left she closed the door behind her softly. She turned to see the bird in the tree happily cooing at her.

“What are you doing here?!”

The bird hopped about and turned in circles on the branch.

“I’m glad to see you too!”

The bird fluttered up and down. It flew to the door handle and cooed again.

“Look, I have an idea. Come with me.”

She darted into the forest and disappeared from view. The bird followed and all that was left was the sound of the wind drifting through the trees.

The light in the house flickered back on.

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