on this wave falling towards the deep


Girl on the board on the wave. Gliding. Lean back. Hover forward. Like you’re always right on the edge of falling down.

Girl rides the wave and she makes it look easy. Like it’s the easiest thing in the world when she shifts left. Shifts right.

Girl knows what to do as she comes to the shoreline. Glassy eyes like she sees something else. Eyelids droop close like they couldn’t even hold themselves up. And she’d still know where to go.

Girl, I see you out there. I can see you and hear you moving in time. It’s no surprise to me that you’re here and eventually we’ll cross paths. You know it too.

Girl looks off into the sunset. Girl balances on this board. Floats above the water. Floats above the sky. Girl drifts like wood upon the beach.

Girl picks up a shell and holds it up to her ear and can hear the ocean breathing into life. The waves that rock. The waves that shift.

Girl brings her hand down to touch the wave. Touch the sand. Let it drift from your hands and fall to the earth. Every last grain. Every last drop of water. Rolls down her fingertips to meet this great body of water.

And now I see you drift.

And now I see you sing.

And now I see you move. 

And now I see you.

Your thoughts?

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