the sound of waves


they could hear the ocean’s waves pounding upon the sand even from here

the sound of hardness turning to smoothness

the sound of waves

the sound of waves

light glimmering on the surface

crests of white cascading down and over 

swirling around creating mist that would eventually hit their faces 

breathing in this salty air

breathing in

breathing in 

looking out to the water was like trying to tell the future

it was so immense

it went on forever

there on the sand wood broken into pieces and so smooth

smooth like skin is smooth

like a pebble

like a fresh new leaf

like a raindrop

the sound of waves was a lullaby

the sound of waves so gentle in the moonlight

so vast as the sun rises

so mysterious as the water turns and turns

the sound of waves like a melody

like an incantation

like a belief

watching these waves fold into one another 

the way souls do when they touch

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  1. Reblogged this on Let it come from the heart and commented:
    I really enjoyed this – the last line makes it that much deeper. The use of repetition is really good, too.

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    1. bjwany says:

      That’s awesome! Glad to hear that it resonated! And thank you for sharing! 🙂

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