echoes of the crashing waves aren’t the only thing

against the cliffs 

the powerful sound of waves 

reaching up to touch sand

get closer

thunderous crashes 

pounding into the shore

only far off there is a bright stillness

a break in the misty clouds

where the sun that looks like a moon shines boldly down

over there is where i want to be

and yet it feel very far 

from the echoing reverberations on the shore


the sea cave by the beach

No one knew about the sea cave down by the beach. When the waves thundered onto shore and sea spray hit the rocks, there was a craggy opening by the side around the bend. Water flowed in and splashed along the walls. But in the early morning, when it was misty, you could walk inside it. It was a whole other world in there.

Glistening walls with water trickling down. Pieces of seaweed far up into the cave on wet sand. Because the pathway curved, as you walked further inside, the ocean sounds became quiet like a lulling whisper. Like a chant. It was a moment and a place where one could feel both connected and soothed at the same time. It was a place where it was easy to breathe and be.

If you went deep enough, there was a place that you could climb upon the rocks. Going up, you’d eventually notice light filtering into the cave from above. And as you crept closer to this place, there was another opening that was large enough to fit through. 

All this was important because when the tides came back in, the water would overflow into cave and unless you knew where to go, you could drown. 

Still, the light was easy to find and the climb was not too hard. If anything, it felt vaguely exciting to have the possibility of real danger lurking around the corner. It pushed you to pay attention and watch as the water levels gradually rose. Further and further back it directed you until you were flush with the rock. And from there, you got it. It was easy once you got the hang of it.

Besides knowing about the cave, how to get there, where to find a hidden passageway, knowing about the changes of the ocean, once you climbed out from the second opening, you stood on the back of a giant sheet of rock and it was the most beautiful view you could imagine. It was a shame that some let their fears prevent them from experiencing this view, this cave, this rock, but such is life, I suppose. 

Rolling waves as far as the eye could see and at the horizon, the periphery of another realm.

on this wave falling towards the deep

Girl on the board on the wave. Gliding. Lean back. Hover forward. Like you’re always right on the edge of falling down.

Girl rides the wave and she makes it look easy. Like it’s the easiest thing in the world when she shifts left. Shifts right.

Girl knows what to do as she comes to the shoreline. Glassy eyes like she sees something else. Eyelids droop close like they couldn’t even hold themselves up. And she’d still know where to go.

Girl, I see you out there. I can see you and hear you moving in time. It’s no surprise to me that you’re here and eventually we’ll cross paths. You know it too.

Girl looks off into the sunset. Girl balances on this board. Floats above the water. Floats above the sky. Girl drifts like wood upon the beach.

Girl picks up a shell and holds it up to her ear and can hear the ocean breathing into life. The waves that rock. The waves that shift.

Girl brings her hand down to touch the wave. Touch the sand. Let it drift from your hands and fall to the earth. Every last grain. Every last drop of water. Rolls down her fingertips to meet this great body of water.

And now I see you drift.

And now I see you sing.

And now I see you move. 

And now I see you.

the sound of waves

they could hear the ocean’s waves pounding upon the sand even from here

the sound of hardness turning to smoothness

the sound of waves

the sound of waves

light glimmering on the surface

crests of white cascading down and over 

swirling around creating mist that would eventually hit their faces 

breathing in this salty air

breathing in

breathing in 

looking out to the water was like trying to tell the future

it was so immense

it went on forever

there on the sand wood broken into pieces and so smooth

smooth like skin is smooth

like a pebble

like a fresh new leaf

like a raindrop

the sound of waves was a lullaby

the sound of waves so gentle in the moonlight

so vast as the sun rises

so mysterious as the water turns and turns

the sound of waves like a melody

like an incantation

like a belief

watching these waves fold into one another 

the way souls do when they touch