pool of green light


Within the river, there was a part of the water dammed up from a fallen tree. It created a clear pool as the other water passed by freely. Current pulling everything downwards. Far away. To where, she didn’t know. She just knew she hadn’t ever been there before.

Loud insects called across the waving trees. The girl floated with her eyes closed in the pool. Under one such tree. Waving its leaves in the wind, as if to motion to her. But her eyes were closed. 

Water drops like tears sprinkled on her cheeks. Warm and resting with her as she drifted in a circle. Fingers reaching for the edge of that fallen tree, but it was her toes that hit it first.
She opened her eyes, blinking the water out. Her feet felt the giant wet log. Soggy spliters soaking the trunk. When she leaned forward and peered over her stomach beyond her legs she could see the rushing water through the cracks of the bent tree. 

She heard the birds calling to one another and pushed herself up til she was straight. Hanging on the tree as she wiped the wayer from her face. Then, plunging down into the murky green water. 

Opening eyes wide to bubbles, big and bulbous, coming from her mouth and nose as she turned her body over and upwards towards the surface. Watching as they made contact with that barrier between the underwater world and above. Light piercing down and bouncing around the green light as she let herself sink as far as she was able.

Then, of course, a moment of fear or doubt that made her laugh and she was pushing up to the surface again with a big breath of air. Wet hair stringy down in front of her eyes. Blocking the view. She dipped her head back and then smoothed her hands back into it. Pausing to look up to the sky. With trees in the wind shushing the rapid pace of the river.

And the birds calling one another.

And the insects buzzing to a hum.

Your thoughts?

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