the girl on the tree


High up in the tree and she could see everything. She saw where the river bent into the setting sun in the distance. She saw the forest, which she assumed stretched forever. But it didn’t it went to a red rock mountain. With flat smooth surfaces exposed to the sun, she said to herself:

that’s where i want to go…

i want to see it

i want to see it all and what’s on the other side of this mountain

Up in the tree, the wind pushed through the trees rustling leaves like a wide expansive ocean. Waves shimmering this great space. From here, she could see that her forest wrapped and there were places that it hugged the giant rocks and others where the rocks seemed fine on their own basking in their own dust.

As the wind blew again, a chill went up her spine and for no reason she turned her head around and saw it — there was the little house and yes, it had its light on. She started not expecting it to be there. 

She looked at her feet dangling over the edge of the tree. Yes, she could jump and she would fall to the ground and part of her wondered whether she would crumble when she landed. But with the breeze on her face and the sun warming her cheeks she caught the scent of jasmine in the air.

Yes, she would stay a while and enjoy this moment between day and night. If not for just a little longer.

Your thoughts?

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