Chasing sound

Whistling entered her mind and traveled with her in between the dream space and waking up. Like a far off call for attention. Warmth on the side of her face from the song. The melody this whistle sang drifted in and out. Her breathing grew heavier and she squinted her eyes. Dew from water pooled in a brilliant green leaf dripped onto her eyes. She opened them to the waking world. 

Sounds of the forest and she wiped the water from her eye and looked around. Forgetting at first how far she had traveled. Forgetting until she began to move her body how sore it was. Seeing dust caked on her legs and feet. Staring in front of her, not knowing what to do. Not moving, but lost deep within thought. For a moment still in between worlds. Listening to the insects buzz and hum.

The the whistle called out again from deep within the forest. She turned to its direction.

She knew she had to find it.

She leapt up. On the move and into greenery she disappeared. Chasing the sound of something always just beyond her grasp. She started laughing. And let herself drift deeper, deeper into the lushness of millions of leaves, branches, dirt, bugs, animals. It all waited for her as she disappeared to deeper within.

And the whistle called.

Growing echoes in the distance as she moved closer and closer to it.

Your thoughts?

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