the sister of destruction


i am the sister of destruction

coming your way 

with no stops

charging through and unceasing

i follow after 

and make life from the path of death she leaves as my welcome mat

i am not angry

i am kind

i move slowly

i put things where they might be noticed

i make things beautiful

and while my sister comes running full speed 

stopping for no one

i move lightly 


over the wet ground 

my footsteps spring 

and i make a game out of it

i dance

i giggle softly

i hide behind flowers

i blush when i’m noticed

sister is bold and competitive

i am soft but still i am strong

because who could make something from nothing?

who could match the dawn with mystery?

i am what follows

when quiet is restored

and life is given

a chance 

to grow 

Your thoughts?

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