the beast who runs through the forest




Then, boom! A thunderous crash from the forest. The beast tore through the trees, hungry. Growling. Bearing its teeth and small animals would run. Hiding in the brush.

Its ears perked up and from far off it heard something that it would be drawn to. Instantly running down the path. Barreling through without stop. Trampling over anything in its path until it found the thing that brought it close.

Up the hill. Past trees with falling yellow leaves, shimmering in the sun like gold. Up, making a dusty path of tumbling sticks. Up until it reached the top and looked out to the canyon covered with trees. Out of breath. Smiling.

Tasting, sniffing the air.

Turning suddenly towards a twig that snapped. Looking back over the canyon. 

my domain

Looking back on the river weaving its way through. Looking out to the ocean. Then up to the sun. Closing its eyes into the light. Fur glistening. 

Everything faded to a buzzy glow. 

And it was a young man’s eyes that looked up into the forest. Who smiled. Who sniffed the air and looked at the world with ferocity. With hunger. As if he could devour it all. 

Your thoughts?

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