the moment when the sky brought them together


The light from the sky — sending purple mixed with the golden clouds — spread over the land against the fire sunset. It was as though an artist had decided to paint something overwhelming and at the same time utterly peaceful. You couldn’t help but be captured by the feeling that sometimes the world around you was so beautiful. This was one of those moments.

For those that happened to be looking, watching the sky in this moment, they felt a connection that was so very rare. Some had never felt before — like the girl in the forest. She looked with wondering eyes and she could only stare as her heart grew. Others, like the man in the village, became at first, nostalgic as though a great sense of loss that had weighed upon them had lifted on seeing this vibrant, peaceful sky. There was the being in the forest too who continued to move yet couldn’t help but take notice and stop for a better look. All were linked together by this.

Violet pink whispers swirling with golden strands. Whisps in the wind pushing across the blue. The ocean in the distance seemed to play with the sky. Light dancing on the surface and sliding down waves. Colors colliding together.

All those who saw it wished the moment could last forever. And for the ones who truly knew how the world worked, they knew that it wasn’t just a moment. If you knew just how to dream, that this was when time was infinite. 

Your thoughts?

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