In between day and night, the sky became a deep pink and orange. Sparkles in the sky emanated light down to earth and on the water below. Everything was still and the wind died down to a whisper.

On the beach, the leaves on a row of palm trees rustled. The air smelled sweet and fragrant. Tracks of little birds peppered the silky sand all the way down until they met the clear lulling waves.

From a cliff high above the water, you could see all of this and way off into the distance where the edge of the horizon had the most brilliant light in the sky. It was there for only a bit before disappearing into dark. 

Deep blue night sky with a glowing moon radiating down. At night, the trees stood tall. Hooting owls calling to one another across the forest. 

And if you were to walk in the sweet nighttime air, you might find a path that winds its way to places yet to be uncovered. 

Your thoughts?

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