these flowers 


inside my ribcage contains millions of flowers

just in case you were wondering

it’s this neverending field that is covered with fresh rain

dew drops sit on petals 

rolling off when the water has collected to the bottom 

each flower is dusted with pollen

and when i breathe 

bees are like

“hey wait there are flowers in there!”

that’s right, bees, flowers

when i move

a breeze flows and makes stems wave back and forth

like flowers are nodding in agreement 

mmm hmmm

and at night 

while some close because they love the sunlight

others open and their fragrant scent wafts

in the distance

a nighttime garden full of dark green winding leaves

winding vines

tranquil nighttime with my veins

feels like these flowers are sleeping 

though some look at the stars 

and through my bones

they see the sky

Your thoughts?

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