the sea of flowers that covered the land

One day as she was walking, bright vibrant spots of color captured her attention. Looking around it was as though she was in a sea filled with bits of a broken rainbow. She realized they were hundreds of flower petals of all shapes and sizes. Each with their delicate silky edges drifting past her feet as she kept walking. She knelt down to see them closer, holding one in her hand and studying how smooth its edges were.

where did all the flowers come from?

She tried to see how far they spread across the land, but it was as if she had stepped into another world that somehow changed the rules. Like blankets of flower petals were just as natural as happening upon a tree. And if there was no reason she could find for this strange occurance, then she figured she would enjoy it as much as she could.

i’ll do what i’ve always wanted to do…

And with outstretched hands she fell back into the beautiful petals – all soft, light as air, delicate as they covered her skin. She sank back breathing in their perfumed essence. She closed her eyes and dreamed deeply, falling into a heavier – heavier still – sleep.

perfumed scent of flowers in the sun

golden sun 

and petals from 

flowers of all colors 

sprinkled on the 


like a trail leading inward

towards a garden

in which

the most beautiful blooms

all flourish

the scent of these 

collective flowers

one would think

would be


yet in the gentle breeze

these flowers 

sit and are warm 

under the guidance 

of bright rays 

of light

it’s like

the children of spring


as they come forth 

into daylight and

finding one another

take hands




the merry ways in which flowers


while being infinitely still

these flowers 

inside my ribcage contains millions of flowers

just in case you were wondering

it’s this neverending field that is covered with fresh rain

dew drops sit on petals 

rolling off when the water has collected to the bottom 

each flower is dusted with pollen

and when i breathe 

bees are like

“hey wait there are flowers in there!”

that’s right, bees, flowers

when i move

a breeze flows and makes stems wave back and forth

like flowers are nodding in agreement 

mmm hmmm

and at night 

while some close because they love the sunlight

others open and their fragrant scent wafts

in the distance

a nighttime garden full of dark green winding leaves

winding vines

tranquil nighttime with my veins

feels like these flowers are sleeping 

though some look at the stars 

and through my bones

they see the sky

let me draw you a map

let me draw you a map

this is so you don’t get lost

i want you to know about the things in this world

if you have a keen sense of smell, you’ll be good

you will enjoy it here

surrounding you is the scent of lime


there are flowers everywhere

they are kinds you’ve never seen

they are wild

they come in every color

deep pinks


purple so vivid

golden yellow pollen dust sprinkled over everything

when you enter this land the first thing you will experience

is all the colors

heady rich flower scented morning

warmth of the sun

beaming down upon your hair

like an embrace

this world welcomes you

opens its heart

and you can’t help but to take it all in

absorb it into every pore

and then you walk forward

with a calm confidence that no one can take away



Every room I go to 

I meet 

plants who are starting to flower

These ones

Despite the cold

Despite the lack of moisture sometimes

Despite the drought

Still grow

Still flower

With only a touch of help

From someone else

I am astonished 

by what I am capable of

I push on boundaries until I have none

I do things just for the hell of it

And somehow


I go past the limit of what I thought I was capable of

The flowering, budding plants 

and sit together

And we go


“Wasn’t that cool?”

“I have no idea how that happened.”

And I tell the plant my secret–

How I don’t want to know too much

I want to keep it bright and exciting
Because each time a flower pops up 

or the scent lingers in the air

I am just happy to enjoy 

The sweet breeze as I come home in

The evening