Every room I go to 

I meet 

plants who are starting to flower

These ones

Despite the cold

Despite the lack of moisture sometimes

Despite the drought

Still grow

Still flower

With only a touch of help

From someone else

I am astonished 

by what I am capable of

I push on boundaries until I have none

I do things just for the hell of it

And somehow


I go past the limit of what I thought I was capable of

The flowering, budding plants 

and sit together

And we go


“Wasn’t that cool?”

“I have no idea how that happened.”

And I tell the plant my secret–

How I don’t want to know too much

I want to keep it bright and exciting
Because each time a flower pops up 

or the scent lingers in the air

I am just happy to enjoy 

The sweet breeze as I come home in

The evening

Your thoughts?

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