As she opened her eyes…

Dawn again. Sun rising once more. Clouds scattered into the far forever distance as if you could stretch across time and back again. In the moment it takes to breath in deeply, then she realized all was right. Countless possibilities deep into the horizon and as you looked to the curves of the earth, covered with trees. Breathing, swaying like this dance. Like a chorus, in this forest.

She thought about where she would go today. Forward, back, side– all were the same ultimately. So here another journey, each moment like a moving, transforming portrait. Each moment was the start of something new.

She sat, listening, as she did quite often. Doing the thing that was so natural to her. If she closed her eyes now, even during the day, the visions would tell her where to go. Alone, seemingly, yes, but not inside. Inside, it was like a million stars forming at any given moment. And each one speaking to her, directing her. Until in the last moment, in the very last one before movement, she decides. She moves.

She saw herself running

She saw herself sitting

She saw herself laughing

She saw herself admiring a bird

She sees infinitely beyond the veil

Beyond worlds

Beyond it all

Into something else.

Your thoughts?

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