looking through the rules to what lies beyond


they say rules are meant to be broken

that’s one way of looking at it

but the other

is that there is a method to the madness

that if you were interested and capable 

(which everyone is

some people don’t know it yet)

you could see the subtlety at work

you could see that the linear 

structured 2 dimensional 


that you looked at the world with


in fact


i know 

mind blown right?
to some

we recognize 

that this is common sense
and you say 


and there are people who respond


meaning of course

what else would it be?

it may be hard for some people

but not impossible 

do good things need to be easy all the time?

can we be challenged?

can we grow and change?

i hope so

but more than that

i do believe we’re capable
to be more patient

to be loving

to look on the world with compassion 

even when tired and frustrated 

from the Groundhog’s Day moment of it all

because in the repetition there is love

there is life

there is hope

there is transcendence 

there is spirit
not much more to say

than that 

except to believe

Your thoughts?

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