newness and oldness


new look that moves



new feel to it all

newness and the feeling of a soft hand between my fingertips

new isn’t new

but just old in a new way

in a way we haven’t seen before

old is new when old is forgotten

when old is uncovered

when old is rediscovered

when old meets new and it looks no different

just words to make people take notice

because now that old id not dusty forgotten cobwebs

or at least that now cobwebs are cool

so we say new because it said again

at this time

this moment

this moment is new

this moment is old

i’ve seen it all before

seen the landscape

seen the sun

seen people dance

seen people smile 

seen it 

this is an old thing

but it’s not past

it’s not just in the past

it’s not only in the past

do we do this


like rawness

like underneath it all 

like it’s still sensitive to the light

like it was exposed to early

like it will heal in time

and when healing comes

does it turn old?

the kind of old we want to be?

the kind of newness we want to capture and hold close?

the kind of oldness that seems odd

odd to be old

and that’s what makes it so cool!

the newness is traveling along just fine

this oldness is fine too

this what do we want to call it

je ne sais quoi

it’s happening

and it will keep turning until

we see ahh!


this feels new 

but it’s such an old long-lasting idea 

that will never die

will always come back 

and sonetimes is the harmony

and sometimes is the melody

Your thoughts?

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