one on one

one on one 

at play is



a dance sometimes








a way in

a way out

one on one

there are two

and so many things are at play

will you hold your breath?

will you hit as hard as you can?

will i get hurt?

will i question my ability?

will i find a way to move in a direction i don’t usually move

which way will i move?

at what point will the other go

ohh i get it

will there be an opening?

will i be able to touch it?


one and one

and somehow i feel so much lighter than before

is there a way that this could be healing?

that it could stop violence in its tracks?

is there a way to quell escalation?

to make a decision in every moment

to read each moment and what will end it

what will be taken enthusiastically

what revalation will come 


two combined

by one on one

Your thoughts?

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