your own champion 


who does this outside pressure come from?

who is it that tells you that you somehow fall short?

who tells you that you need to fit in?

even though sometimes it seems that the space was meant for square blocks and you’re a round peg

the message you get is not accurate 

even if it comes from you

because truly you can do anything you want to do with your life

no matter what they put in your way

who tells you that you are good enough?

that they like you how you are today?

and even when you livened things up a bit

who told you they still like you?

who smiled when you made room for another person

because we’re all in this together

who knew that even if you made a mistake 

no one is perfect and no one expects you to be at every moment

sometimes you’re just nice to be around

sometimes it’s okay to make someone smile on a hard day during hard times

sometimes people like your quirkiness

sometimes they don’t care that you think too much

sometimes you’re doing just fine

sometimes it’s okay to let go a little more

and not worry

and not be scared

and not hold your breath

and not think about whatever goes on behind those eyes

sometimes it’s okay 

Your thoughts?

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