favorite song

favorite song comes on 

static electricity 

and the people that know

say yes

hands outstretched to the sky

lights turn to blue

flash to magenta

now’s the time for your best dance moves

or sometimes you just sit back and smile

arms laced in back of your head

close your eyes

nod to the beat

as it transports you 

in an instance

for a moment

you’re in the music

you live in it

favorite song knows how to get you

favorite song and the eyes glimmer

something dormant comes alive

something sleeping wakes

and whether you move or not

time stands still as it moves around you

world moves around you

you dance with it

you watch it

you see the symphony before your eyes

see the dance

synchronicity of every moment

perfectly matched with the song

the beat

and you sing

because it hits you deep

play it again

Your thoughts?

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