the special effects of lunar journeys 

there’s one sure fire way to get to the moon

she said to me

the invisible ladder

trail of blinking lights

go on

to a syncopated beat

that only a few can feel

those beats are dirty! 

is what they say to me

only the voices in my head call me crazy though

pure spirit

pure fire

put into words

breathed over the air

traveling backwards


and into clay shaped and smoothed by water

ladder to the moon isn’t the only invisible way 

star children grownup and forming a dance troupe

with me 

we drift up into the light

hands outstretched 

movements coordinated

only the nonsense of a lunatic 

what makes the moon tick?

face of a clock 

winding it’s hands backwards

until the moment when time is nothing

time is nothing to many beings we can’t see

doesn’t make it less true

my spatial dimensions only matter to those that can’t see

shimmering brilliance

and so yet another dance to the moon

who welcomes us 

who loves that crazy talk

just chuckle to yourself

and make the words spin

Your thoughts?

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