my left shoulder linked me to the world

as one pivotal point connecting my intuition to reality

it allowed me to extend my hand easily


and then it was hit

and then this left shoulder froze up

and then it didn’t want to move any more

and it rebelled against any kind of movement that connected it


the anger it felt

it just went through the motions

leaving it to others to take care of

since it knew what happened when it tried


it wanted to heal

it just didn’t know it had to

and every time this shoulder twisted forward

it would only go so far


we all knew it could do more


still it scoffed at anything imaginative

or big

or difficult

as something for other shoulders to attempt


sometimes the simple act of this shoulder being in a room

sometimes this shoulder attempting in a small way to move

sometimes it began to uncover something new


it is learning to unthaw

that its toughness is not a brick wall

and can be melted

and when it does

its reconnection





because this shoulder connected my self and intuition and hopes and dreams

to reality

stretching out as it does so freely

to eternity






a fox

in a moment of magic

little beams of light

to deeply connect to the world in a way others can’t

asks the question

which way to go


asks itself

there is no fear of choosing the wrong way

the world is an opportunity

yes it walks

stepping into the uncomfortable space

to be resourceful

to figure out a way

all that abounds

is playful laughter

my adventure

begins with a long road

i picture myself lifted up floating

i know i can do this now!

and my vision pierces through light and dark

like an arrow that doesn’t land

there is no end


the pressure can be great

it can be managed

it can become somehing that needs to be addressed 

it can become like a leaky faucet

it can overflow 

these moments require the support of guardians

who can repair

can reestablish any connection

the guardians know how to traverse difficult lands

how to overcome barriers

and the flow returns

there is no more pressure

only movement

stars spinning in unison

some stars spin in the atmosphere

above our heads

they puncture the dark inky night

the way they move is to shimmer 

it’s an easy movement 

in conjunction with other stars

they form a pattern



tracing paths across the sky

if we could see them close up

we’d see serenity 

as they spin

and arms stretched out endlessly

trailing into one another

and linking to other stars

also spinning

some stationary

some doing movements that don’t make sense at first glance

but they can link together

and suddenly the one over here knows exactly how to do what it does

forward momentum 

i have a beat inside

my own internal rhythm that keeps it going

keeps the pace 

keep going

repetitious overflow 

it cycles back


tells me where to go

tells me when to go

this rhythm gives style

and it’s like breathing 

i go fast

and i can stand still and go fast

it can be midnight

i can be asleep

i can walk down the street


and the rhythm links together movement 

there is song continuously 

so everything is a dance

syncopation builds on the complexity 

beat snaps

and i keep going

keep moving

keep the pace up

driving forward

forward trajectory 

and all the sudden the infinite complexities manifest themselves 

the special effects of lunar journeys 

there’s one sure fire way to get to the moon

she said to me

the invisible ladder

trail of blinking lights

go on

to a syncopated beat

that only a few can feel

those beats are dirty! 

is what they say to me

only the voices in my head call me crazy though

pure spirit

pure fire

put into words

breathed over the air

traveling backwards


and into clay shaped and smoothed by water

ladder to the moon isn’t the only invisible way 

star children grownup and forming a dance troupe

with me 

we drift up into the light

hands outstretched 

movements coordinated

only the nonsense of a lunatic 

what makes the moon tick?

face of a clock 

winding it’s hands backwards

until the moment when time is nothing

time is nothing to many beings we can’t see

doesn’t make it less true

my spatial dimensions only matter to those that can’t see

shimmering brilliance

and so yet another dance to the moon

who welcomes us 

who loves that crazy talk

just chuckle to yourself

and make the words spin

and to dance 

as if i was moving through space with my hands like 

movement was my language

when i drift side to side by side and then look up and see

dedication within each purposeful step and i could bend my knees

make a welcoming gesture and look before me 

out to the world 

like the world hears my story and knows my mind

could point my toes

as if trying to grab something with my feet

could smooth and glide and step 

the way i would move 

transforms into brightness

and even a twirl of the wrist and i look down

i know how to fill in rhythm with something else

because the language is inherent

and grasping fingers stretch to the sky and i turn up my palms

waiting as if to catch 


far off

in the distance


like stars the shimmer from far away


when you dance it’s not hard

your body tells you exactly what to do 

and you just roll to the next thing

keep going

keep it moving

keep your body moving

and you step 

keep stepping along

make your own syncopated little steps to the beat

that fit with the beat

that make additional music on top of the music

that rolls with it

rolls into every part of your body

swirves into every step

you step

keep stepping 

keep on

keep with the beat

keep laughing 

keep smiling

keep illuminating

keep connecting music to action

keep moving

and the bass so fluid

and harmonizing

and there is no wrong 

only things turning into other things

and transformation 

and the kind of movement that is fluid

and feeling

and just keeps going

because music never ends