and to dance 


as if i was moving through space with my hands like 

movement was my language

when i drift side to side by side and then look up and see

dedication within each purposeful step and i could bend my knees

make a welcoming gesture and look before me 

out to the world 

like the world hears my story and knows my mind

could point my toes

as if trying to grab something with my feet

could smooth and glide and step 

the way i would move 

transforms into brightness

and even a twirl of the wrist and i look down

i know how to fill in rhythm with something else

because the language is inherent

and grasping fingers stretch to the sky and i turn up my palms

waiting as if to catch 


far off

in the distance


like stars the shimmer from far away

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  1. Reminds me the most important rule dance: just start moving.

    It also reminds me of why I always admired dancer Isadora Duncan and martial artist Bruce Lee: both preached that one should find their body’s OWN rhythm.

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    1. bjwany says:

      So true! Thank you for sharing!


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