you stumble across a piece of your life 

that gives you a tremendous amount of pain


the emotional self wants to scream or cry 

but the disciplined self keeps you 


and breathing 

staring straight head

and the one thrashes around while the other stays still

the other one doesn’t ignore the pain

but finds a way to let it lead you to a new awareness of self 

that hasn’t been noticed before

one cuts deep and wants to indulge in the wound

the other pulls the knife out wth a free hand 

and while the red river flows from arms

quickly binds it

patches and mends it
to be on the move again

both feel pain equally


one never recovers

the other does

the other does and helps others who cannot

or do not

one revolts

the other heals deeply

down to the bones

down to the soul

down into the inner voice

and releases regret

Your thoughts?

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