the plants breathe

the water makes things greener

opens up the doorways

inside this plant’s cells


the water accumulates

it becomes refreshed

it becomes released

plant stretches its leaves up to the sky

beautiful lushness

a leaf that spreads itself out to catch

each drop of mist

that surrounds these living things

these plants

its soft cover

it lightly weaves its way 

through plant branches

little green arms and hands

the plant realizes it can breathe again

breathing in water and air

the smallest of dew drops on its surface

like a village of crystal domes

wandering through the pathways in between

a maze of splendor

radiant against the cloudy light 

each twinkle

each shimmer

look up, eyes, to the sky

and the mist falls around you

plants that sigh

plants that feel the water as it absorbs

plants that breathe

plants that move 

plants who soothe

plants that be

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