protective barrier

can’t get me when i have my protective layer on

arrows just bounce off

dirty looks make you do backflips 

elbow at the air all you want 

i’m about 3 inches to the left of you

you will always miss me

i used to be scared

now it’s just annoying 


like the expected inevitable 

comes up

no longer a surprise 

my protective jacket 

my shoes

they form a defense 

everyone gets so frustrated 

how i slip through

don’t be mad

i can’t get you! 

why do you have to get me?

so at this point it’s just annoying 

but maybe inevitable 

sometimes expected

so better make sure to always where my jewelry 

gotta have my hair down 

because it protects the back of my neck from whole burning into them

from smoking eyes

i don’t care if i’m your target

those glasses i wear aren’t just for seeing 

they bounce off radioactive beams back at the person who sent them

and if all else fails 

i got my smile

but sometimes i forget how to turn that thing on

where’s the switch again?

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