the time for rebuilding

night time is for recalibration 

body breaks into a million pieces before the sun rises

when it does

i go to collect them

the heart goes first

the nice thing is that it’s the first thing to come back

and it’s beating distinctly by the time the rest of the body is in order

night time is a time of reorganization 

memories solidify

information downloaded into muscles, sinews, bones

but you never remember where you are in the split second that you regain consciousness 

the realization dawns

when you’re lucky

when it’s quiet

you can segue into morning

past the darkest hour

into the first light of day

sun around the corner

coming up from the mountain 

and as the rays of light fill the sky

that’s when the body comes back to place

it has rested

it has recovered

it has reassembled

in order to live a new day

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  1. I like this way of looking and sleep and thank full for riding the next day – cool poem

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