what is this frequency i’m picking up?

excuse me while i dematerialize 

broken up into thousands pieces that look good on paper

a series of fragments of neverending sentences that don’t even move forward just move around

lie there squiggling 

the brain won’t trigger the muscle to go


have to wait forever for this shit

am i invisible?

meandering thoughts spin in air

hang on breath

(oh shit! check my breath)

what would i look like if i was invisible?

does this opinion make me look like i’ve been crying all day?

cuz i haven’t 

no see that’s what’s called open to interpretation 

the stationary never feels so resolute as the


we gotta look at that!

we’re not going to look at that?

ok well i’m gonna look at that be right back

be right back when i am needed

be right back body my mind’s coming up with dreams

be right, back 

hmmm i’m going to need to stretch more to get that

oh, sorry, i gotta get that, i’m having a vision

i’m having a mental breakdown 

no wait nope

need my glasses for that one

can’t make it out…

…blurry edged stardust if i had to put a finger on it

i can’t even read that sign

what does it say?

you can read that?!

man i’m gonna have to get checked

i’d go with that one

yes, that one will change everything 

change everything 

how long do you have to wait for it to change everything? 

keep the change

keep hope alive

keep it up!

pump it up

ready let’s go

this is my favorite song

i have no idea what the lyrics are

it has a good beat though

it gets repeated at least three times every hour though

i have no clue what this says about me

what are they saying about me?

is that true?

no we gotta fact check that

then just make something up

that SOUNDS true

mmm i like the sound of that

that’s goooood


like it’s really enhanced by that flavor you know?

what is that?


ok yea that’s 

i can’t even stomach it


it’s like really rich

like really really rich

like even the smell is too much

oh! that’s it!

that’s my stop


usually wait about a minute or two and then ask if there’s any questions 

but you should really be trying to answer those throughout 

no comment


anyone else?

i’m going to answer that question with a question?

that doesn’t make any sense

yea i got lost after the first line

just type it into google maps i think it’s only 3 minutes away

or take a lyft

your choice

but the main thing i wanted to ask is why this picture for this poem?

Your thoughts?

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