when i looked at her i could see her heart

it wasn’t what i imagined 

in looked like wires and gears but organic

as if a flower had been cut in half and i could see the the center 

where stretched up for sun waiting for the bees, the ants, the butterflies 

then i looked down and saw my own heart

it looked like it was breathing

at the center like a string popped out in all sparkles and glimmer

it waved in the stillness cheerfully

like a metronome

i looked at hers but it was dull

it had lost the sparkle

everything functioned just the way it should

but it wasn’t the same

and in that moment i felt sad

i wondered is she felt sad too

someone explained she was a goddess

i wondered whether she felt anything

but she just laid there

heart near to motionless

Your thoughts?

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