within the forest

Deep within the forest is a secret pool of cold, still water. Where ripples rebound to the outer edges of the rock. Where moonlight and sunlight and starlight shimmer on the surface. They are the ones welcome to play here day by day.

If you dipped your toe into this secret pool of cold, clear water you would remember things that you’d never experienced. You would remember that you were forgiven. You would remember how life really is. You would remember what is good.

As you walk to this pool of light, leaves dust off your arms, skin, touch your eyelashes. As you wandered into the green you would breathe the sweetest air. You would hear the most beautiful cacophony of music sung by insects, birds, and animals that always remain unseen. They watch you though. Curiously, as you walk. They can hear the beat of your footsteps sinking into the damp, soft, heavy ground. They are waiting for you too.

As you pool the water into your hands to wash your face, you realize you can see again. You remember how to hear and how to listen. You remember who you are.

This is a walk that takes so long – it’s many lifetimes that you travel to reach this pool. You walk them all in a matter of hours, minutes, seconds.

The wind is your guide down the path. The wind and the pool are friends. The wind is someone who will show you what you’ve always wanted to know.

The water knows you’ll find it there. It’s been patient. That’s its gift. The water knows how to pass the time as the animals and the birds and the insects come and go.

The water loves peace. And it loves to give itself to whoever comes upon it. The water knows how much pain it can release. Just by being there. Just by being water. The water that gives life. The water that gives hope. The water that breathes and sees and dreams.

Your thoughts?

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