heat for the pain

the heat makes the pain go away

deep on the other side of the skull

brain pounding 


with heat it cracks open

millions of stars come outside

in between the lines

the crags and cracks

steam rising

boiling off ache

the pain subsides

it doesn’t become painful to exhale

nothing deep within the nose

or as if something crawling on the back of the skull

hard to reach 

it’s dissapated

no longer sensing the tremendous pressure

as if someone closed their hands on either side above the ears

and squeezed

eye socket feels like nothing 

not like burrowing 

the heat permeates deeply

it smooths

it blankets

it releases

it quells 

it relieves

and upon regaining awareness 


the pain

the ache is gone

at least for a while

and it’s goid to be whole in those moments 

Your thoughts?

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