playing songs

i have a song with cello

it contains samples

its beat is slow and soothing 

there is a piano that plays and feels like a dark lit lounge

an ethereal singer’s voice floats warmly 

the air in this song…

i can’t tell if it’s foggy or smokey 

but it is thick

light gets caught in it

when you listen to this song 

you are transported to another place

you forget where you are

you see a different side of yourself

maybe one you’ve forgotten 

you don’t know that i have another song 

i’ll play it for you after this one

blend it so that before you know it

you are in a new one

there are elements that match the first

the space you’re in will transform 

will be magnified 

will open your eyes

will vibrate with bass

make your body want to move

even if you resist it

you can’t help it

eventually you’ll move and it’ll be to the beat

you’ll blink on a snare

time your movement as the melody builds

and just when you’re into it

a sound that is familiar with itch at the back of your skull

you won’t be able to place it

but your heart rate will go up

and you’ll have no choice

you gotta move

nod your head

tap your fingers to something 

and that sound will build

at the moment you realize you like it

it’ll be when you figure out that i’m bringing in a new song

and you’ll shake your head acquiesing 

i got you

and then you’re into it

like really into it

number one fan 

because if you know

than you and i both know the next song

you can anticipate what to do

and at this point

no inhibition remains

because now you see

we both like great music…

so we can slip back 

enjoying the scene

taking in the temperature 

as the journey continues 

and the sound runs through you

Your thoughts?

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