it’s as though a part of your self

a part of your body was 

that deep down 

underneath skin 

underneath muscle

it’s like a part of your mind

part of where you get stuck

where you come to every time 

it’s as though there is a 


or a seed

or a pit

or something that becomes caught

growing keeps developing around it

it makes it smooth until

it is so refined that you think it’s 

just another curve or bend


it’s a seed

but then if it somehow becomes dislodged

becomes unstuck

it is removed

and though it may feel like 

something is missing at first

the feeling then comes




so much better

than before


body knows what to do

mind does too

body and mind tell you how to get back into balance


it might not be what you want to do

it might not be convenient

might take a great concerted effort

might be painful

a sickness is the body

the mind

the spirit 

out of balance

realignment is possible

recalibrate if necessary

use as directed

and don’t kill yourself

don’t work too hard

take the medicine

and rest

mending happens 


is unseen

blue light

blue light

like you’re swimming in water

a pool of water that heals

water that drifts over you


come back into your own

come back to your self

the day is done

and now everything is 


one request

when the moon comes out tonight 

i ask for stories

for songs

for the kind that heals

and because they are needed

i ask for moments of recognition 

of hope

and inspiration 

where we remember our power

to change

to transform 

to grow

to shift

to nurture

and we remember that deep underneath everything 

there are millions of ways

like the millions of stars that sit with you

the moon

of how we can lead with love and trust

and for this thought i am truly thankful

Healing takes time

Healing hands

Know that when pain and trauma

Exist deep within the body

The right placement 

The right pressure

Can return the body to as it was

Can rebuild it stronger

Can restore the idea

That power comes from within

And that it’s self-actualized
Potential exists deep within the spirit

But sometimes it too can be drowned out by 


By worry and doubt

By fears that go by a lot of different names

When someone sits with you

Works with you

To untangle the tangles

To make things move again

So that voice can be unearthed
Healing comes in many forms

And no two are the same

It is a process that needs time

It needs patience and space

To do its thing

To listen 

To mend

To soothe

To recover
Healing is a process

That takes so much care

But when the time is given

Flowers can bloom brightly

Where there was nothing but an empty lot


the type of prayer that shakes

the type of prayer that moves

the type of prayer that bubbles 

the type of prayer that soothes

the type of prayer that speaks words across the boundaries

words into the unknown

the type of prayer

translucent in the light

wavering between boundaries

unimpacted by time

the type of prayer that transcends

the type of prayer that descends into the body 

healing the soul

healing hands, feet, mouth, words, mind

the type of prayer that moves

the type of prayer 

a gift of life

of breath

of wonder

the type of prayer that hears, honors, sees, knows, touches

the type of prayer that wonders where you are

the type of prayer that connects across great distances

great oceans

great dreams

great beings

of light

linked by hands

the type of prayer that understands

feels deeply

the type of prayer with the type of words that will never die

never die

never die

spanning across time and back

spanning across oceans

spanning across distances great and small

from the mouths of chosen few

the type of prayer that wells deep

nested deep inside


in the inner most part

undoes the lock

leaves the door 


the type of prayer that heals



you stumble across a piece of your life 

that gives you a tremendous amount of pain


the emotional self wants to scream or cry 

but the disciplined self keeps you 


and breathing 

staring straight head

and the one thrashes around while the other stays still

the other one doesn’t ignore the pain

but finds a way to let it lead you to a new awareness of self 

that hasn’t been noticed before

one cuts deep and wants to indulge in the wound

the other pulls the knife out wth a free hand 

and while the red river flows from arms

quickly binds it

patches and mends it
to be on the move again

both feel pain equally


one never recovers

the other does

the other does and helps others who cannot

or do not

one revolts

the other heals deeply

down to the bones

down to the soul

down into the inner voice

and releases regret

as the bandage came off

The woman had bandages around her back and her arm. She didn’t bleed any longer. The wound had mended. Instead, a heavy stiffness and ache permeated her body.

She had fevered dreams. While she slept she sweated the sickness out. She jolted and turned in her sleep as if even her dreams gave her no refuge. 

The rains had stopped. The sun was out and water dripped down from the roof. 

The man went about his usual business in the cabin as she slept. He gathered the old bandages and uneaten plate of food. He opened the windows to the light and raised the shades so that air could rush in.

Still, she slept.

In the evening, he bent over her and she woke up with a start.

“I’m going to check your bandages.”

She nodded. She turned to her side.

Gingerly he undid the long cloth wrap bound tightly across her back. As he got closer to skin, she winced. The bandage was stuck lightly to her. He pulled it off. She shut her eyes tightly.

The cut had mostly healed. The wound had crusted over a scab. He took a damp cloth and pressed it to her.

She exhaled.

“Is that okay?”

She nodded.

He took another cloth and patted her wet skin dry.

“I think you might be fine without the bandage…”

She didn’t say anything. She stared at the wall in front of her. Wood grain with a knot like an eye looking at her.

He helped her lay back down. He reached over and took a bowl of hot liquid and brought it closer to her. She shook her head no, putting out her hand.

“Why won’t you eat?”

She shrugged, not looking at him.

“Look, if your mad at me, then-”

“I’m not mad at you…”

A hot tear rolled down the side of her face. 

He looked down at his hands and the damp cloths in them. They sat in silence for a while. 

“I think you’re getting better.”

He stood up and put the cloths with the old bandages and into a sack.

“I’ll be back soon, okay.”

She nodded.  

“Maybe have a little soup?”


He shut the door walking into the forest with the sack. Looking up to the clear blue sky with the birds whistling to one another.

Inside the cabin, she wearily turned to her side stairing at the bowl of hot liquid. Steam rising up. She brought it closer. She inhaled. It smelled like healing. 

Her stomach rumbled. She took the spoon and dipped it into the broth blowing on it before it reached her mouth. Then, took a sip. Her eyelids grew heavy and she felt her whole body relax. She continued to sip the soup slowly until the liquid was gone. 

A wave of euphoria overtook her as she laid back down. Her eyes tried to remain open, but no, they would close. And she would sleep. And she would dream. But not like before. Finally, for what felt like the first time in forever, she could rest deeply, peacefully, fully. 

And so she drifted in between the worlds again as she closed her eyes to the cabin and found herself again in clouds.