bouts of rain

all the sudden


little droplets

substantial enough

falling down like wind chimes


on a puddle 

look closely becomes a pond

look closely becomes a lake

look closely ripples out to the edges

and the trees wave hello from my favorite spot

look closely 


an unexpected surprise that no one can predict 

magic is the moment 

but i’m just warming up

for moments we don’t understand 

drifting into space 

across universes

spinning like a star

wandering through green

running through golden fields

standing as the wind blows hair back into infinity 

touch the brightness above 

and the light falls like snowflakes

like flower petals

like a rainbow who bounces from brook to brook

rocks lean forward to listen

and clouds give their nods of approval 

yes that’s it

they say to snow surrounding lakes

where ducks call to one another in the evening 

as if unfolding your hand 

could welcome the blossoming opportunity 

and the gusts that cross the trees swaying

in a moment of aloneness

in a moment of togetherness

in a moment where hands take shape

slip so easily into each

and the air is scented like the sun

ocean waves rush up to shore

spill themselves over 

and meet lavender shadows 

as you spin around


surrounded by the most distant planets

lights that shine brightly in the deep night sky

this is

and for it




for and with the beauty of the world

thank you to the earth

i give thanks to the earth for giving us what we need

for giving us shelter, food, and water

for giving us beauty and inspiration 

thank you for trees that help us breathe 

song birds

for all the animals

and plants that spring up from the earth 

thank you for the sun above

and the moon climbing high into the stars

for fish in the sea

and all the wonder that surrounds us

thank you for being with us

and for letting us be with you

blanket of clouds

sky is a sea of opaque clouds stretching out into infinity 

sunlight illuminates the pearly mist

it moves slowly observing the land below

at the horizon clouds morph into shapes

these are the clouds from distant places

traveling through mountains and over oceans

beautiful sculptures which let the dreamer contemplate infatuated 

half moon bay

the ground almost ate my shoes today

i thought i would slip off into the dark viscous goo that threatened to mutilate my new shoes

it was a poor choice in hindsight 

but shoes will collect dust

and become worn at some point

i saw the most amazing sunset

with clouds long and thin

purple lavender pink edges

a density that seemed so thick

and yet closer to us 

just the whispers of mist drifting across beach grasses

fluttering in the wind

at one point i looked into a car and saw a face who wasn’t there when i looked more closely 

it’s quieter here

i’ve always liked that

i’ve always liked how the main attraction is the sky

starlight not hidden by the glow of convenience stores and traffic

and i can hear the sound of waves

of wind

i can hear words

and the glow of lamps within windows against the night sky

more beautiful than any kind of orchestrated artistry i could imagine

it’s very soft here

sea shell and the ocean

sea shell on the beach

looked like a piece of an ancient statue

i stopped to pick it up

i held it in my hand

and i felt its edges graze my palm

when the ocean calls to me

i walk and walk

i could walk endlessly

my stamina is immeasurable

because ocean and i are friends

sea shell on the beach tells me stories

tells me about ancient things

hidden things


it’s smooth and light

it helps me to remember the things i never want to forget

sea shell is a momento

ocean is a friend

i hold one in my hand while walking with the other

everywhere i look is a painting

orange clouds across the sky

like someone opened up a crayon box and decided to pick some new colors

and scattered bright lights hovering above the ground

fairies making processions across the land

each star calls out a name

until all you hear is a cacaphony of names

like raindrops

collecting dew in the sunlight

and the instant when a drip becomes a trickle 

and a stream 

and everything in luscious bloom

a mist swirls in the air

making plants and trees and animals sing with delight


glossy leaf with ridges that look like ribbon

gives protection against all kinds of negativity

green is the color of healing 

leaves that cool and wrap 

leaves that contain wisdom of millions of years

each year 

returning to the same forgotten mysteries

to unwravel and smooth the cord

the connection to the past

yes, leaves can teach us so much

like how to live with grace 

within the forest

Deep within the forest is a secret pool of cold, still water. Where ripples rebound to the outer edges of the rock. Where moonlight and sunlight and starlight shimmer on the surface. They are the ones welcome to play here day by day.

If you dipped your toe into this secret pool of cold, clear water you would remember things that you’d never experienced. You would remember that you were forgiven. You would remember how life really is. You would remember what is good.

As you walk to this pool of light, leaves dust off your arms, skin, touch your eyelashes. As you wandered into the green you would breathe the sweetest air. You would hear the most beautiful cacophony of music sung by insects, birds, and animals that always remain unseen. They watch you though. Curiously, as you walk. They can hear the beat of your footsteps sinking into the damp, soft, heavy ground. They are waiting for you too.

As you pool the water into your hands to wash your face, you realize you can see again. You remember how to hear and how to listen. You remember who you are.

This is a walk that takes so long – it’s many lifetimes that you travel to reach this pool. You walk them all in a matter of hours, minutes, seconds.

The wind is your guide down the path. The wind and the pool are friends. The wind is someone who will show you what you’ve always wanted to know.

The water knows you’ll find it there. It’s been patient. That’s its gift. The water knows how to pass the time as the animals and the birds and the insects come and go.

The water loves peace. And it loves to give itself to whoever comes upon it. The water knows how much pain it can release. Just by being there. Just by being water. The water that gives life. The water that gives hope. The water that breathes and sees and dreams.