Modifications to the Kung Fu Boot Camp Workout


Okay, so something totally amazing happened…

Someone actually tried my workout out and gave me feedback!!


So, obviously, I’m excited about that because she gave really great feedback too. Here’s the revised Kung Fu Boot Camp Workout with these modifications in mind.

Warm-Up Stretch — hold with micro extensions where possible for 3 breaths each

  • Laughing Buddha (cactus arms)
  1. back bend
  2. Side bends (R & L)
  3. Forward bend
  • Horse Stance
  1. Hands behind head, stretch opposite elbow to outside knee (R & L)
  • Bow Stance (warrior)
  1. Extend (R & L)

Shake it out

Cardio Warm-up 

  1. 20 double jump-squats with hands raised above head, then touch down to floor on the bend (as a modification, you could do 20 horse stance flat foot squats)
  2. 10 push-ups (modify on knees if needed)
  3. 10 alternating bridge kicks
  • Lay on back with knees bent and push up hips into bridge while kicking leg out and away, then lower down. Alternate kicking legs.

4. 10 bridge throws

  • Push up into bridge position and stretch arm and hand across to opposite shoulder to touch floor as if throwing someone off you. Alternate arm touches.

If bridge kicks and throws are too hard, replace with 10-20 bridges

5. 10 sit-ups with cross punches

  • Keep non-punching arm in guard by head for punches. Extend punching arm across outside of  the opposite knee. Alternate to other side.

Second Stretch and Loosening  — hold for 3 breaths on each posture with micro extensions where possible

  1. Center splits
  • Stretch forward
  • Right
  • Left

2. Butterfly

Stand for joint mobilizations — 3 full rotations one way and then the opposite direction

  1. Hip circles
  2. Lift leg rotate hip/leg in circle L
  3. Knee circles L
  4. Ankle circles L
  5. Toe grasp L (like you’re trying to pick up something on the ground with your toes) x 3
  6. Repeat 2-5 on the R
  7. Shoulder circles L
  8. Elbow circles L
  9. Wrist circles L
  10. Finger grasp L (like squeezing dough) x 3
  11. Repeat 7-10 on the R
  12. Neck circles
  13. Neck No (look R then L like shaking head No)
  14. Neck Yes (look up then down, like shaking head Yes)
  15. Neck ear to shoulder (bend neck to bring ear to shoulder, alternate)
  16. Face
  • Roll eyes, look RL/up-down/diagonally up/diagonally down
  • Scrunch face , open wide

Shake it out

Striking Practice 

Take a fighting/sparring stance with feet a little more than shoulder width apart front and back, side to side. Knees gently bend. I start with left leg forward. Hands are in guard.

  • Jab L x 10
  • Cross R x 10
  • Jab-Cross X 10
  • Elbow L x 10
  • Backfist L x 10
  • Elbow-backlist x 10
  • Repeat on opposite side with right leg forward

Kicking Practice

  • Knees R x 10
  • Knees L x 10
  • Front Snap on RL, start slow breaking movement into knee and extension x 10, then fast coordinated movements x 10
  • Side Thrust x 10 RL
  • Round House x 10 RL, make sure to take a step out at an angle with standing legend throw arm back on same side as kicking leg
  • Combo: Knee-front kick, knee-side thrust, knee-step-roundhouse x 10
  • Repeat on opposite side

Combo Practice

  • Jab L, Cross R, crouch/duck, step L, Roundhouse R. Do this slow x 5 and fast x5.
  • Switch sides
  • 1 minute each side

Break – 1 minute

Form Practice – Tiger

  • Start slow move by move
  • Modify jumps to kicks if needed
  • Repeat and practice broken down combos-sequences
  • Put it all together and practice gradually gaining speed

Last Cardio Blast

  • 10 burpees
  • Front Snap Kicks x 10
  • Alternating Tiger Palm Thrusts in Horse Stance x 50 (ideally with yell on last 20)


  • 1 minute deep breathing/visualization


Other Ideas

Shorter Total Time

So, for a 30 minute workout, you could do the pretty much do everything before the combo practice and skip that, tiger, and the cardio at the end and go to the last deep breathing minute/visualization. You could probably take out a lot of the joint loosening and mobilizations too, leaving yourself with just neck circles, hip circles, and arm circles. Though if you’ve been feeling really tight, I’d recommend doing those mobilizations at some point. I know it’s weird but the eye stuff and face stretches help a lot if you spend a lot of time behind a computer/looking at screens, or if you don’t blink enough. Trust me, it’s a thing.

For 15 minutes you could do the warm-up stretches and the cardio blast at the beginning and call it a day. Maybe reduce the number of bridges to one set of either one of those bridge variations or just bridge itself.

Partner Work

My friend had some good feedback that the combos, striking and kicking practice are really good to do into the bag. I absolutely wholeheartedly agree with this and it would be SUCH a good work out. I guess I would just say if you and your partner haven’t worked with pads, that might be something to take a class in. Like perhaps go to a muay thai class. Working into pads would totally increase the intensity of this workout, however, so go slow before you go fast.

All right! Well, that’s it for now, so enjoy and let me know how this worked for you!

Your thoughts?

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