wind chimes

wind chimes on its own

sound rings across the town

over bridges 

melody through the air

wind accompanies me

and everywhere i go

i see leaves rustling

something else is there

following me 

like an accompanying song

as the day passes

silent waterfall

ducks swimming across the water

gazing to fish 

swimming deep in the depths below

on the banks 

a tiger watches


then slowly closes his eyes

and turns back

to hear the whispers of the forest

and the wind that rustles

calmly through the trees

sun on the edge of each ripple

and at the end of the day

you can see the moon drift up into the sky

glowing bright as the warm sky turns cool

doves sing in the evening

and everything is still    


creating space

extending out into infinity

creating more room

and emptiness 

nothing left

nothing left but the space to be

to settle

to rest deeply

to sit and hear

the songs from within

for so long waiting to get out

to find a way

to be heard

songs that have no names

that have no words

that simply are expressed

and simple to express

to hear

to know

and to dwell 

this is what it’s like

when things are empty

and not the negative 


we would sometimes 

misunderstand emptiness with


when you are patient

with a type of being

it does become 


a song for returning

we are coming back

coming back into ourselves

remembering the past

remembering who we used to be

we are remembering how to walk softly

treading the earth with care

with every step there is a chance 

to shift deeper into the ground we walk upon

we are coming back to understanding where we are from

who we are

we are coming to a global understanding 

of how to put things right

how to return to balance

being patience on this journey

being warm

we are coming back into ourselves

with realization 

with gratitude 

with gentle care

and heartfelt compassion

we are coming back

beyond the veil

Imagine that the night sky is a blanket made of deep velvet that you could wrap around you. A bird with dark wings flies by. Qiuetly. Softly. Barely makes a sound. Sound of a whisper. Just a flicker of motion in the dimly lit sky. Reflected back in the still water below.

The girl thinks to herself. The girl imagines. The girl watches this graceful bird trace a line across the sky. She watches the moon high above. The moon that looks like it’s singing, so she sings back. 

Her voice carries across the air. Across a valley. A canyon. A stream. Rivers. Oceans. Into the mountains. She sings a song with no words, only voice. Only notes that rise and fall. A melody that stills the very still forest. A voice that accompanies the flying bird smoothly gliding by. Into the night. Into the beyond.

It’s as if she can see this veil. And she knows where the bird flies to. She sings and beyond the veil, they listen. They know how to answer her. They come up with ways to respond. But it’s an acorn that drops suddenly into the water creating endless ripples. The start of these very many rings is what catches her attention.

She finishes her song. Because really it’s a compliment. It’s but another gentle guide into the night. And she smiles to herself. And those beyond the veil laugh with her recognition. 

and when that song comes on

sound machine

radiating music out to the world

straight to the bottom of the ocean 

creates this ripple effect 

you can see it move in slow motion

or backwards

never know where you’re going

but it’s bouncy

it bends and tests your balance

as the bass goes down 

and when you find the right note to hold

it’s an allnighter

music sends you this message

that no other can

right moment right time

giving you something

and the clap

steady beat steady

no need to to rush 

when we can just keep time

take our time


into the groove

and keeps on 

keeps on

saturating walls with sound

music says

feel me

and we say ok

music goes through everything 

you see

or can you?

see music?

like hear a note 

as you look with your eyes

across an empty dance hall

or if it was a small room with flashing lights

or if it was solo time 


with headphones on

but if all the world could hear

if all the world could hear

and they’d go

yes! i know this song…

and then we celebrate 

we dance

we dance


and yet with joy 

we dance

when we all know the song

about choosing music

they listened close 

the songs were the words they were waiting for

they were songs that comforted

they were songs that moved them to action 

and they thought

ah, now i see

i know what to do

and i feel confident in my forward direction

such is the power of song

song about a heavenly gift

From the heavens

Fire blossom

Raining down joy

Raining down care

Telling us that some of the simplest, sweetest things are within

Within the heart 

A great beating 

The type that grows louder when it is being stifled

The type that will sound to you clearly as 

You move forward

Forward direction

Never deterring 

Not aggressive but assertive

Sometimes crawling is all you need to get somewhere

Sometimes all you need is to look

Looking at what is around

Taking in the readiness, the liveliness, the sparkle

Hold it in your hand

Bring it close so it glows upon your face

It is a gift

It is a gift to be thankful for

bright orange birds

there are bright orange birds sitting on my window

but when they erupt in song

i don’t know what it is

i keep looking around 


you see that?

you hear that?

you hear that?

it’s like no one hears them

it’s like no one sees them

and i’m dying 

because i think they’re so cool

so beautiful

and it’s like nobody hears them

and i’m like

well i’m not crazy am i?

these beautiful birds have the most glorious tone

and if you heard them, it would soothe you

and if you spoke to them, they would talk to you

and if you called them, they’d come to you

and these birds are bright orange

i’ve never seen anything like it

and it made me pretty sad after a while 

to realize i was the only one who heard these birds

then i looked around 

then something behind me caught my attention

then i looked around and saw the people that saw what i saw

i’d just forgotten to look back

but they saw what i saw!

they heard what i heard!

and on the window still there they are

bright orange birds


as i bend down

to the ground

hands clasp

and i’m gasping

but i’m in control

you see

i’m just this specimen on the plate

squirming from the knife


at least that’s what you think

“oh shit she’s for real”

but i’ve killed myself like seven times today while eating lunch

nothing here to see

except a low humming sensation

you can’t hear

and i only talk in riddles to anyone that has no concept of what i’m talking about

everyone else knows




sometimes with open arms

which is nice when you have open arms to feel everything

god i hold my breath and wait for it to get better 

but it never does

does it?

so i can deal with that 

now that i know 

but somehow the medicine is hard to swallow at night

and so 

here we are 

instrusive hands gesturing


fucking with me

you just keep on going huh?

until the beat ends

until the beat goes on 

until smoke comes from your mouth

all cool 

like in the past

here i am 

watching from a distance 

wallflower maybe

in my own way

but i witness

the distruction within

i got it

i hold it

keep holding

keep remembering 

keep watching 




we got somewhere with all this shit

rest of night i just listen to blaring rock music

and beats that wont stop they dont stop



i listen

i listen

i listen like you do

when the wind blows through the trees and we’re home again

here’s your favorite song friend 

here’s what i got